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Hello everyone!! How was your weekend? It's already autumn. What are you expecting from it? At this time I'm expecting warm and interesting evenings having with my friends, watching movies, having hot tea with raspberries and something yummies, which we are making by ourselves. One idea came to me right now. What if I make a blog about food and how to make them? And to share some recipes with you? I think it'll be interesting. And now I want to tell you that I'm wearing this some kind of sexy and classic dress from ZARA and necklace too. The heels are old one's from Guess. I thing red goes to autumn. I how I'll share some photos with falling colorful leaves too. Autumn is very beautiful in it's way. I think that even in spring colors aren't so beautiful and magic as autumn..Today is such a cold weather, but I like it. I don't like rain. Sometimes yes, but not often. Share your minds too. I don't have professional photographer now and I can't share expensive looks, but I share my STYLE and not what is in fashion and what I "HAVE TO WEAR TO BE KNOWN". Thank's for reading..

                                                                       XO XO
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