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Hello everyone!! So this week was so hard for me. I've finished my exams. But it was full of wine red clothing and yummys too. We made vampire wine red cake, see the photos below. I wanted to share this look for a long time and so it is. I'm wearing ASOS KNITTED SWEATER with beautiful vintage embroidered shirt. What about skirt, it's from ZARA and also wine red. Love this colors combination. As always this season socks are always good accessories to wear with every look. Bag is also vintage, very comfortable and useful. Love is beautiful white gold ring, which gifted me my best friend. It's so simple and elegant. For me this look is very casual and also classy. You can choose high heels too look even more classy, but for me flat shoes are more comfortable. Don't miss the next post to see my handmade clothing, which I'll be wearing. Hope you'll enjoy the post. Bee yourself !!

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